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So Frankly...

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Family Adventure in a Box - Heldentaufe

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Occasionally, I look through projects on Kickstarter for something of interest. ( I can't do this too often, because I don't want to tempt myself too much.) I actually have two projects that currently I'm awaiting delivery on.   I am always on the look out for a game that gives a great role playing game (RPG) feel without the role-playing work.  So I stumbled across the game Heldentaufe on Kickstarter. This game bills itself as a family-friendly adventure game, with both cooperative and competitive aspects. It looked to have a few RPG elements to it.
Heldentaufe is designed to be an adventure for game for 2 to 5 players ages 10 up, lasting 60 - 90 minutes.  From the publisher:
The day that you have been waiting for has come. At last, you can prove that you are worthy of being a member of the Hero‘s council. Show them your skills by collecting the golden monster teeth. But be aware - the lands of Taora are not as peaceful as they seem. Rumor has it, that in the dark and gloomy Netherworld, some friends become enemies...

Now get up and hurry! The Heldentaufe already started. Be the first who returns the teeth of glory.

The unique experience of Heldentaufe arises due to two distinct but connected realms: The Upper world and the Netherworld. Heroes can travel back and forth to the separate worlds through so-called "portals".

Events and activities taking place in the Upper world are mostly serene and peaceful. You will harvest natural goods, carry out missions and trade items that you find. Somewhere hidden in the Netherworld lies a bright and shiny treasure. But what underworld would be complete without monsters and traps?
Keeping in mind that it is a Kickstarter project, and not a full-fledged game yet, I obviously haven't played it. However I must say that I am impressed. The artwork is beautiful, evoking that adventurous feeling without being too dark for younger players. The rules are pretty straight forward from what I can tell, and should not be a problem for younger ones, particularly since the cooperative aspects of the game allow a little help for the younger player. As a result, this game is very approachable.

I have to say that if my son were still at a young age, I would have back this almost instantly. His love of fantasy adventure would go right along with this, and the combination of the theme in the artwork would have sucked him right in.

If you were looking for that kind of adventure game with younger players, or something that is a lighter adventure game for your casual gaming friends, I think this is definitely worth a look. The Kickstarter campaign as well run, and you will find a lot of information on the website. This includes videos how to a copy of the rulebook in its current state, and everything else you need to decide if this is for you. 

Hurry, there are only a few days left in the campaign.  Find it here on Kickstarter. 

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