So Frankly...

So Frankly...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cups and Trays

Dice trays are certainly a help when rolling dice.  There is another accessory which many of us will be familiar with – dice cups.  Anyone who has ever played Yahtzee or backgammon has used a dice cup before.  In backgammon, they are a genteel way of rolling the dice.  In Yahtzee, as well as for our little ones with little hands, they are a cool way to roll more dice than we can hold.

There are several ways to obtain a dice cup.  One easy way is to steal one from another game.  For a while, I used our Yahtzee cup.  Others I know have used a Farkle cup.  Both of these hold a decent number of dice.  However, I soon wanted a separate dice cup.

Leather dice cups are great looking, but will set you back around $30.00 (USD).   As I said last time, I tend to be cheap on game accessories; I’d rather be buying another game for that amount.  There are “leatherette” cups, otherwise known as vinyl, for roughly $5.00.  Those will be found online.  However, that may only make sense as part of a larger game order due to shipping costs. 

Once again I went another direction.  I found a pencil holder at Wal-Mart that is a lined cup.  It even has genuine faux leather on the outside!  Oh, wait, that’s vinyl again.  Well, it looks nice, gets the job done, and only cost around $5.00 with sales tax. 

The only possible issue is that it may not be enough.  There are many times, particularly with the kids, when both the dice cup and the tray are both needed to contain the dice.  There is one more solution, though, that allows small hands to roll lots of dice and keeps things contained.  Best of all, it is a solution that can rate much higher on the Awesomeness Factor.

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