So Frankly...

So Frankly...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

About Being Behind (Gifts for 2013)

No, not in a board game, but in life.  I should have posted my 2013 gift guide weeks ago, but life and my new job have conspired against me.  So, for 2013, it just isn't going to happen.  Check out my other guides from previous years; all of those games should be available still.

In the meantime, here a couple from other portions of the boardgaming world:

Board Game Geek (BGG):  This site is the definitive boardgaming database and community.  I wrote about it in 2011, and I am still on it at least once a day for at least a few moments.  While every community has a few of those guys, BGG is an amazingly large and friendly community on the whole.  I once asked for help identifying the missing tile from a game I bought used.  Some one offered to help, just out the goodness of his heart.  I photographed all the tiles I had, and sent them to him.  He came back with a photo of the missing tile.  The fun part: he was from the Ukraine!  Wait, it gets better.  I sent the picture to the publisher, Rio Grande Games, and the owner (also part of the BGG community) sent me a replacement for the cost of mailing it.  These are great people.  BGG's gift guide can be found hereThe list is aimed at casual gamers, not hobbyists.

The Board Game Family:  My friend Trent Howell runs this site, and has published his gift guide for 2013.  Trent looks at games from a family perspective.  He has several kids, from elementary school to high school, and plays the spectrum.  His gift guide is here.

These are two I trust, so I feel okay about missing this year.  I will do better next year.

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