So Frankly...

So Frankly...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Time is Not on my Side

Any loyal readership I have left is probably wondering where I have been.  The past six weeks have been very busy, and life is a little hectic.  I thought I would provide a little insight into what is going on, offering both an excuse and an intention in the process.  The craziness comes in these forms:

School.  As I may have mentioned before, my wife is a school librarian.  There is a lot going on there for her, and I am First Volunteer.  Our son is starting his junior year in high school, and with that comes taking him out for driving lessons.  That's where it starts; not sure where it will end.

Illness.  Both my wife and my son have fought a bit of the Classroom Crud.  I am pretty sure this is a bug very similar to what gamers and other geeks know as Convention Crud -- due to sudden changes in sleeping and eating habits and exposure to lots of germ carrying individuals in enclosed spaces.  I have been spared, but I have been the 7-up cabana boy keeping them in fluids.

Youth Group.  Our whole family is involved in our church Youth Ministry.  Specifically, we all are part of the junior high leadership team.  That has involved more stuff than usual as we approached the school year and began the planning.

Redecorating.  Our basement is in chaos. We decided to make the basement have a warmer feel, so that our son would have a cave to entertain his friends in.  This is also where my games are stored/displayed.  We are replacing the existing shelves, which have an industrial look, with something warmer yet still masculine.  My wife had the brilliant idea of putting some of the games with better artwork on their ends, so that they show their art much like a painting.  It means the shelves aren't used as efficiently, but it does look much more inviting.  It's okay, because at this point in time, I am trying to keep my collection at equilibrium.  I am trying to up the overall quality of games and reduce he overall quantity of games.

Work.  This has been absolutely great.  About this time last year I was out of work, and I was picked up by a consulting group in December.  Each of the consultants is responsible for their own clients, and personal income is derived directly from client revenue, so it was a little scary.  I am happy to say that things are going very well.  However, it takes a lot of time and energy.  (It's a lot of fun too!)

Play.  Okay, let's face it.  If it's a choice between writing about playing games and actually playing them, it's going to be the latter that I pick.  Every time.  So the fact that I have also now have a bi-weekly group playing Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (PACG) just means that I am having more fun.  In fact, this has been the best year of gaming I have ever had.  I have played 49 different titles for a total of 166 games, and 17 of those titles are brand new to me.  That last number is a little down compared to other years, but that's to be expected as my gaming career expands.

Now it's time for me to be better.  My plan is to review PACG in the very near future, and then to go into some of the other games that I am playing.  That's my intent. I just need to carve up my time a little differently.

It's Your Move!


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