So Frankly...

So Frankly...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 in Review

A post like this is almost obligatory. Nonetheless, it fascinates me every year to go back and look at what my gaming over the previous twelve months has been. It will delay the discussion on the gaming group I mentioned a while back, but that will come. 

From a personal perspective,  2015 turned out to be a good,  but not great gaming year. Satisfying, but not the gluttony of games that I hope for every year.  I managed 117 plays of a total of 43 games. Of these, 17 were games I had never played before. None of those 17 were eye-popping; probably the most pleasant surprise was the game Dead Man's Draw, a filler that has some legs to it. 

Of the 117 plays, I had two games that were nickels (at least five plays during the year): The Resistance and Spot It!. Two games were dimes (10 plays): Star Realms and Hive. I almost had a quarter (that's right - 25 plays) in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. We finished the campaign this year - all 33 scenarios - over the holidays. 

I acquired thirteen games and three expansions in 2015, which is actually the lowest in several years. Because of the way schedules worked out, that really includes a few Christmas presents from last year as well as this year: a total of five games. Two games were from trades. So I am successfully curtailing the growth of my collection. This is helped by the fact that I am getting pickier, since I already have a great collection. 

Those are the highlights. I never made it to a convention. I didn't attend any local events. But it was a fun year. I think that's because gaming is like pizza - even when it's not so good, it's still pretty great.

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