So Frankly...

So Frankly...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“I Have An App For That!”

Or at least a game…

When people find out I have nearly 250 games, I get one of two reactions.  If they are under 13, I get, “Really!  Cool!”  In the back of their minds they are trying to figure out if they might be invited over, or how to befriend my son.  If they are older, I get a simple “Oh.”  In their minds, they are trying to figure out if they are dealing with a mature adult, or someone who’s wife dresses him in the morning.  (No, she doesn’t.  Einstein’s wife dressed him in the morning, one could be in worse company.)  Nonetheless, I am not likely to drop the boardgaming hobby, or reduce my number of games.  There are advantage to a large collection and the variety that goes with it.

First of all, I have a game to suit any “thinkiness” level.  There are people who feel that “thinking = work”,  and I have games for those folks.  These games have a fairly uncomplicated set of rules, but interesting decisions to be made.  I am not talking about kids games, though they generally could play them.  At the other end, I have games for the hobby gamer who feels that four hours of concentration leaving you drained of energy is a good afternoon.

I have games that cover a wide variety of themes.  Incan Gold, for instance, is a press your luck game that casts players as archeologists ala Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The further you go in, the more riches you bring out, but the more likely it is you will die.  I have wargames, party games, economic games, sports games, sci-fi games, fantasy games, horror games, double-think games, word games and a game on the 2008 presidential election.  If you have an interest, there is a pretty good chance I have a game that covers it.

I have games for two players, and games for 20 players.  Again, some of these are light and breezy, and some are brain-burners.  (Though I don’t have a twenty player brain-burner.  Even I wouldn’t play that!)  While most games are designed around two or four players, I have made a point of getting games that include solitaire play (it’s hard to find wargame opponents) and can cover a room full of people.

The end result is that I have a game for nearly any situation.  And while your family doesn’t need 250 games, some variety might be good.  You and your spouse might only have two kids, but a six player game might be handy when their dates come over for dinner.  That game for two players may seem unnecessary, but eventually when those two kids marry those dates, you’ll be back to two player games.  The casual gamer might have an even wider variety, with their own significant other, friends, parties and others.  So, when you are looking at buying games, or even cleaning out that closet in the hallway, think a little beyond your normal gaming situation and have some variety on hand.

It’s Your Move!

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