So Frankly...

So Frankly...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Games than You Think

It happened again.  I was asked how many games we own, and my response (around 300) dropped a jaw.  Eyes darted around, looking for an escape route.

Yes, I know that's a lot of games.  In my defense, I only got one for Christmas (Coup), and it really wasn't a gift. I was something I backed on Kickstarter months ago, and it arrived just before the holidays.  I only bought seven games this year, including Coup.  I traded for three more.  One game I received as a review copy (Clubs), and another new game is a print-'n'-play game.

The funny part is that most people have more games than they imagine.  When I count games, I count the children's games that are still around the house, mass market games that we could probably donate to a thrift store, and all of the specialty card games (like Clubs) that are stuck in a drawer in the house.  I also count specialty decks of traditional cards, like a Canasta or Pinochle deck.  I include expansions.  Chess sets count, though only as one entry.  (That would add another 10 entries if I counted them separately!)

So, realistically, how many games do YOU own?  My guess would be more than twenty-five, and a number of you more than fifty.  Make sure you count them the way I do.  That copy of Hi Ho! Cherry-O counts.   And include that copy of the Monsters, Inc. memory game.  Honestly, you also need to count that specialty deck for Old Maid that your aunt bought your little girl for her birthday.

'Fess up.   How many?

I bet it's more games than you think.

It's Your Move!

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